I'm an empathizer, designer, and social-butterfly, who is always hungry to learn and curious for better.
I have a life to ask questions, to learn things that I don't know, to inquire and to wonder...

I believe a mission of a designer is being a philosophical catalyst, which makes people think effectively, helps them articulate their purpose, creates meaning, and does it. Any comment or contribution is welcome to discuss. 

Recently, I'm interested in the idea of "A user can be a designer, the designer can be a facilitator in the journey of user's discovery/awareness/design..." A user-centered design which includes the user as a designer of its own experience. 

Also, I'm looking for opportunities to involve transdisciplinary groups which include cognitive designers, who are aware of their values and with those values aiming to contribute to the world and to the future in terms of creating conscious businesses.

Moreover, I graduated with an Industrial (Product) Design Bachelor Degree from Middle East Technical University in 2015,
and I've started to my proactive career as user experience designer. As a volunteer designer, I also give mentorships
on design thinking, user experience design, usability, and ergonomics etc. to start-ups. and NGOs.

I'm living in Istanbul, the city where East meets West with its multiculturalism, chaos and tolerance all in the same time,
which has an great role in my identity as a designer.